About us

Chromatose Arts, an establishment by Bach Zainol (Master of Arts in Fine Arts graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts), provides home-based graphic design and fine art services. Unlike other widely available local graphic design services, Chromatose Arts strive to set itself apart from the rest bringing in visual arts expertise, elements and concepts into the palette and unto the canvas.

Besides being a Fine Arts practitioner, Bach also has plentiful of experience in graphic design. He designed many logos, band cover art and layouts and many more collaterals. In 2008, he was employed under tertiary institution, Republic Polytechnic's The Republic Cultural Centre. There, he was in charge of in-house graphic design for RP and TRCC. He solely conceptualised visual themes and developed the multiple collaterals (posters, mastheads, festival booklets, ZO Cards, T-shirt designs, CD layout designs, standees, banners, ticket and crew pass designs, LED wall images and many more) for about more than 10 festivals for 3 years under TRCC, namely Momentum Dance Festival, IGNITE! Music Festival and Reflections - Community Arts Festival. He was also involved in RP's Open House designs. Click here to view his RP/TRCC works .

Chromatose promises to explore and deliver accurate and quality designs and artworks for you and being a home-based business without a shop space to maintain, we assure the best prices for our customers. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Currently, Chromatose only offers design services but upon request, we can outsource the printing for you. No worries, we are very friendly and flexible. Do drop us a mail for a chat and lets work out your goals.

Chromatose Arts represents 

your figment that refuses to blend in

and your pigments that makes you stand out.